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Youth Component

The Youth Component of the Ebenezer Liturgical Dance Ministry is divided into three groups (based on age):


  • Praise Angels (5-7 years old)

  • Juniors With the Holy Ghost (8-11 years old)

  • Miriam’s Prophets (12-16 years old)


Youth Ministry Mission 

The mission of the Youth Liturgical Dance Ministry is to assist those youth feeling a call to dance, to investigate and define their calling.  This includes providing education, training, and support in an environment where dance is accepted and welcomed as part of the worship experience.  The youth experience the act of ministry, as they become ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


The purpose of the Youth Liturgical Dance Ministry is: 


a.  To glorify God in praise and worship through dance. 

b.  To demonstrate that this generation is fully in tune with the reality of God’s love for them.

c.  To teach our young people that God is able and willing to use anyone or any means to reach out to them and to meet them where they are. 

d.  To provide a visual interpretation of what God is doing and saying in the worship service by ushering the congregation into a higher realm of praise and worship. 

e.  To provide the education, training, and experience in the use dance for “spiritual warfare” and “ministry” versus secular “dancing” and “performing” to entertain. 


Who can join the Youth Component?


Membership is comprised of youth ages 5-16 from the Ebenezer church family regardless of dance experience.  Participants must be of good health, able to follow directions, be cooperative and have a teachable spirit.  The Youth Liturgical Dance Ministry currently ministers at various church services and programs, in support of the other ministries of the church and throughout the surrounding community.





Great Work

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