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Proverbs 29:18

ELDM Adult Spiritual Retreat

Friday September 20th– Saturday September 21st

4pm Friday – 3pm Saturday

What would happen if you took 24 hrs. out of your daily life and spent this time with GOD?

We live with the world of excuses and just how we have made our lives so busy, and we are doing things that are too important to quit.  We have made promises to others or we are just too tired. We worry that the world won’t wait for us, and we just can’t slow down.  Our excuses for life go on and on. 

Jesus often found time for solitude, withdrawing to a quiet place to nourish. He would rise early in the morning and spend entire nights in prayer, a spiritual retreat is totally withdrawing from ordinary activities for a period of time and communing with God.   This retreat will be full of teachings, reflections, rest and renewal.


Retreat – Reflect – Rest – Renew– Let God sharpen the vision his has for you. 

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”


Registration is non-refundable.


Schedule at a Glance:


Day 1: Friday September 20, 2019

Check in time: 4pm-6pm

4:00pm - Assignment 1 On Your Own

5:00pm - Assignment 2: On your Own

6:00pm - Assignment 3:  On your Own

6:45pm – Retreat Briefing (Sanctuary - all required to attend)

7:00pm – Dinner (Cafeteria)

8:00pm-11pm – Group Workshops (Conference Room)


Day 2:  Saturday September 21, 2019

Note:  All activities are subject to “Waking up on God’s Time”

12 midnight - Warfare prayer and Movement (Sanctuary)

3:00am - Embodied Prayer and Journaling (Sanctuary)

6:00am - Sunrise Movement and Meditation (Outside if weather permits)

8:00am - Breakfast (cafeteria)

9:00am - Group Workshops (Conference Room)

12:00 noon - Lunch

1:00pm - Group Workshops (Conference Room)

2:30pm - Close out


If you have any questions prior to or after you register, you can reach us by phone (301) 248-8833 or send us an email at

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